I really enjoyed my Rolfing® experience with Wells. After going through the 10-series, losing some weight and starting to exercise again, I feel much more flexible, I can run more efficiently, I have less back and hip pain, I actually gained 1 1/2 inches in height, my posture has dramatically improved, and I feel that I have been transformed into a whole new person. It's hard for me to believe that Rolfing® is such a life-altering experience, but it has been that for me! I highly recommend Wells. I felt comfortable from the first day to the last. Wells, thank you for all that you have done for me.

Dr. Lori L. Anderson, M.D.

I have been in Chiropractic practice in central New York for over 25 years. My experience with Wells has been an absolutely wonderful, enjoyable experience. I received the full 10-series with Wells and found tremendously beneficial results with each session. With a great deal of pride and respect, I highly recommend Rolfing® with Wells to every single one of my patients, family, and friends.

Dr. Timothy J. Schaub, D.C.

Wells Christie is an exceptionally gifted Rolfer and is highly recommended.

Ken Wilber, Author

Wells' work is so transforming that once you start, you won't want to stop. It's a wonderful new relation with your own body.

Malidoma Som?, Author & Teacher

I had been searching for someone who does Rolfing® for over 8 years. I started with a chiropractor who said he could help, which he didn't, but that led me to looking for and finding an outstanding chiropractor. My next path was someone who could do deep tissue massage. After 5 different massage therapists I found one who was great as well a super instructor in applied kiniesiology.

Still no Rolfer. Then I saw an ad for Wells Christie in a holistic health care magazine and gave him a call. I needed to start ASAP as I had a major swim meet coming up, the National Senior games in Virginia Beach (6/03). In the 55+ age group I won 5 events and was 2nd in the 6th breaking the Game's records in all of the events. I had had only 3 sessions with Wells and most of the times were my best in 6 years. I was pleased.

However, I had 7 sessions to go before the Long Course (50 meter pool) National Championships (8/14/03) at Rutgers University. This was a bigger meet and the challenges much greater. The Rolfing® sessions increased my flexibility and gave me a better feeling in the water. Having dislocated both shoulders as well as 4 operations on my knees (which are bone on bone), the Rolfing® gave greater stability in these joints by allowing my flexibility to increase without added stress on the joints.

How did I do? Two firsts (the 50 & 100 m Free's), two thirds (400 & 200 Individual Medley's) a fourth in the 400 m Free. Except for a sixth in the 50m Fly, these were my best times in 10 years.

I found what I was looking for in Wells and I would highly recommend Rolfing? to any athlete, but especially senior athletes. It opens a whole new world for you in competition.

Tom Meade - CEO, Sunstream Corporation

I feel better than I have in years. Wells' skill and caring attitude made the process, as well as the results, fantastic.

Bill Bremer, Lawyer

I've been to many Rolfers before, and Wells is the absolute best! Not only is he a painless and masterful Rolfer, but he has a keenly developed intuition that can tune right into each person's particular needs.

Penny Pearson. Painter

The 10-series was the most significant gift I have ever given to myself. I can freely move my body again with ease and confidence. When I decided to begin working out again after a 20-year period, I knew I had to prepare my body for it. Rolfing® proved to be one of the best things I could have done for myself. The 10 sessions saved me a lot of pain by preparing my body for exercise once again. I don't have a lot of time, so allocating an hour each week for the 10-series had to deliver a significant return. Rolfing® proved to be all that I was told and more. After the series, my body felt more free, with a wider range of motion. The pain that used to accompany physical exercise has disappeared with the help of Rolfing®. I highly recommend it to my friends and family.

J. Michael Jacobs, Chairman & Founder - Virtucom Content Solutions, Inc.

After developing an injury at 13 years of age in my left hip, I have spent the last 18 years seeking a solution. As it remained undiagnosed the irritation progressively got worse. I can say that it is 80% better today after completing the 10-series with Wells. I will allow my body the time to adapt to the treatments and return for future treatments. Also, as an Exercise Physiologist who specializes in Medical-Fitness and Wellness programming, I have needed to refer clients with injury-related and sport-related orthopedic issues. I feel confident in Wells Christie to evaluate and help my client find relief so I may progress them to a higher level of physical fitness and wellness.

Eric Prager, President of Train to Attain & Exercise Physiologist

As a chiropractor and meditator, I know the benefits of good spinal posture. I feel that Rolfing® has given me a new sense of myself, and my body. Both my sitting and standing posture has improved significantly. Thanks to the Great Wells Christie.

Dr. Stephen Wechsler, Chiropractor

Twelve years ago, I had a severe shoulder dislocation. The muscles and tendons were a mess. As a handball player I found myself extremely restricted in my range of motion. I tried everything from acupuncture to physical therapy and nothing helped at all. Recently, Wells Christie introduced me to Rolfing® and returned my shoulder to almost normal.

My posture is much better and there have been many other benefits to the 10 session Rolfing® program, but the most significant to me is the ease of walking - everything seems to "flow" whereas before it was an effort to walk. Thanks, Wells! I'll sure to be back for a tune-up!

Carl Ernstrom, Retired

I learned about Rolfing® in 1979, and yet it was not until this year that I experienced my first ten series. For all these years, I mistakenly perceived the technique to involve discomfort and pain. When I met Wells, I shared this concern with him. He suggested trying a session to see if I might not actually enjoy it. I did! During my very first session, I immediately experienced dramatic release of tension, and with each additional session, I continued to feel better and better.

Rolfing® is truly a mind-body experience. Not only did it improve my mobility, but also it vastly improved my state of mind. For me, the experience seemed to have a ripple effect. I felt more comfortable in my body, causing me to feel more satisfied emotionally, and in turn, enriched my interactions with family, friends, and associates.

I not only consider Wells a master of his craft, but also a warm and supportive friend. I can't thank him enough for my Rolfing® experience, and I look forward to future "tune-up" sessions!

Lisa Martino, Singer/Songwriter

I was hesitant to try Rolfing® at first. I had heard a few of the rumors that being Rolfed might be a painful or strange experience. But the improved physical and mental freedom Rolfing® promised still seemed a logical step for me to take, as I had recently made considerable personal progress through diet, chiropractic care and therapeutic massage. Any doubts I had were gone when I met Wells, who possesses an uncanny, charismatic, and giving energy. I was hooked after the first session. Now that I have completed the recommended series of ten sessions, I feel empowered to better manage the inevitable ups and downs of everyday life. Wells Christie is not only dedicated to the alternative art of Rolfing®, but to the long-term welfare of his clients as well.

Michael Connor, Singer/Actor & Syracuse New Times Promotions Director

I was recently fortunate enough to be Rolfed by Wells. It was my first experience with Rolfing®, and was certainly an awakening. Wells' kindness and patience helped to make my experience extremely fulfilling. Overall, I would highly recommend this process to anyone seeking to better know themselves, and deepen their experience of "being in their bodies." The experience was totally enlightening!

Rebecca Burch, AT&T Field Service Manager

As a psychologist who has been involved in providing psychotherapy, and being in psychotherapy, I find that the Rolfing® experience is very complementary to the psychotherapeutic experience. So much of our emotional tension is stored in our bodies. As I ventured through the ten sessions, I experienced a continual release of bodily tension, and deep relaxation. Physically, I experienced my body adapting itself better to my aerobic and anaerobic workouts. I feel stronger, more flexible, and more relaxed. It has only been 4 months since I finished my first series of ten visits and thus I am still listening and attentive to my body as it continues to change and adapt.

N. E. Q., Psychologist

I first contacted Wells on a bit of a whim after I saw his advertisement in a local newspaper. While I had heard of Rolfing® several times over the years, I really didn't have a good sense of what it was all about. A form of physical therapy? Extreme massage?! From the first time that we met and spoke I was struck by the interest, concern, and sincerity that Wells put forth. As the weeks unfolded I came to a much better sense of the benefits of Rolfing® from several vantage points: physical, emotional, and spiritual. I would heartily encourage people with full schedules, appointment books, and palm pilots to avail themselves of both the art of Rolfing® in general, and Wells Christie in particular.

G. C. L., Human Resources

I was at first apprehensive about the Rolfing®. My initial consultation with Wells was reassuring and made me interested to see if Rolfing® could ease my lower back pain and posture. I can state that after Rolfing®, my back pain has ceased and I feel more aligned and in tune with my body.

Mark Simpson, Business Owner

Thirty-five years, and you think you know your body - every lump, bump and scar. Outside of the gym most of us don't think too much about muscle, or fascia, for that matter. I have gained quite an education as a result of the ten-series, although I could not name all the muscles, tendons and ligaments Wells has introduced to me. Breathing was something I took totally for granted. As a competitive runner and swimmer I know the importance of controlled breathing and breathing through the mouth and nose. The breath we used in Rolfing® took some getting used to, but now I understand how we work together in that way.

I can really feel a difference in the way I walk and run - in fact, it seemed like after each session I got new legs and feet. It amazed me that we could do all that work in my quadriceps, peroneals, and calves. I don't remember my quads ever being so loose and relaxed. My stride is different and it feels as though my legs "work" better. The arm work impressed me quite a bit. It is as though they have been realigned or something, especially around the shoulder area. I used to have this thing (usually in stressful or tense situations) where I bring my right shoulder up, as in a shrug. I don't have that type of reaction anymore. The seventh session was an interesting session to be sure; I was unaware that there is that much fascia in the neck and head! I am noticing a big difference in my neck, and my head seems to fit better on my neck.

All and all, I have to say, I'm very appreciative of all of Wells' work. I do see the changes, and I feel much better. Strange as it sounds, I feel as though I finally "fit" in my body. I must also confess, I am really going to miss this! I've taken great pleasure in Wells' technique. I have to be honest, he has great hands and he always made me feel very comfortable. Now that the ten-series is over, it will be interesting to see and feel how the changes carry over into the coming weeks. Thanks again, Wells.

J.C., Sales Representative

If I could summarize my Rolfing® experiences with Wells in just one sentence, it would be this: "Wells' work made me feel both fluid and grounded -- in my body and, by extension, in my whole self."

Whereas other therapies seemed to only touch the surface of my bodywork needs, the Rolfing® that Wells did with me seemed to gradually loosen and free up my muscles. From week to week as I progressed through the 10 sessions, I felt less constrained and more at ease in my body, both when I stood still and when I moved.

I remember that after my eighth session with Wells, one morning I had this incredible sensation as I was standing in my bedroom, paying attention to breathing, relaxing, and connecting to the floor through the chakras of my feet -- I felt solid in my legs, everything about my body seemed to be part of a whole system, and I felt grounded, connected to the earth, strong. This was a sensation that I hadn't felt for some time, and it felt good, like all was right with my body, my being -- I knew then that I was making progress! (I can now recreate this feeling almost any time I've lost it.)

Wells is gentle but not afraid to do the work that needs to be done. He has an uncanny ability to sense immediately (intuitively?) with his fingers exactly where to delve into things. As he works, he explains about what he's doing, teaches you about specifics of your body, what's connected where, about why it matters.

I had never had Rolfing® before and wasn't exactly sure what to expect. Wells is extremely respectful and made me feel at ease right from the start. He gained my absolute trust at our first meeting. Although some parts of the sessions were more intense than I'd experienced in bodywork before, I always looked forward to our next session.

Now that my 10 sessions are complete, I have this feeling of being more aligned, more in tune with myself. I'm doing the complementary stretches that Wells suggested and the exercises to focus my awareness on my posture and my breathing. I have fewer mobility problems and less pain now. I'm anticipating that as I "let gravity take over" the physical me will feel better and better, day by day and week by week. I feel fortunate to have been "Rolfed by Wells." The experience has prepared me -- physically and energetically -- for other mind-body-spirit activities. And I look forward to follow-up sessions with Wells.

Jeri Wall, Editor

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